Care Proceedings

We are specialists in Care proceedings and have extensive knowledge dealing with social services. We have dealt with high profile cases including cases involving sexual abuse, non-accidental injuries, parental murder, systemic physical abuse over significant periods of time. We also dealt with the first genital mutilation case in the country.

We are proud to offer our services under either legal help and or legal aid, of course subject to eligibility, as well as private work. We are privileged to be a supplier of legal help work in the area and our reputation is based on our success.

We are Panel Accredited lawyers, we offer representation to mothers, parents, grandparents and children. We are specialists in court proceedings where social services are involved, and we are recognised as experts in our field.

We also deal with the law in relation to deprivation of liberty which is extremely complex and has been subject to a lot of recent changes. It is therefore important that legal advice is sought at the earliest given opportunity.

Our specialist deprivation of liberty solicitors have extensive expertise and knowledge in this complex area of law, we deal with out of office emergency hearings in the evening and weekends and can be contacted at short notice.

Our firm operates a 24-hour advice and assistance service to clients. We are therefore contactable at any time, day or night, weekends and holidays, so that we can provide the necessary representation to clients who are facing removal of their children at short notice.

Please text us on 07727 178 793 with the full details and we will return your call.

Contact us and we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation callback at a time to suit you.